I want to hear from any players

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I want to hear from any players

Notapor Gamerzone » Mié Ene 16, 2019 3:02 am

Hey everybody, I'm relatively new to this match, and am unsure of what the portion of the game is composed of. I see people always talking about"investment" and assume this is referring to actual MapleStory 2 Mesos stuff. I'm not here to bash the game to being anything or p2w that being said, I want to hear from any players, replies to the following.

Just how much cash do you spend on the sport? What is the money spent by you on? Are there items which you have to spend money on to be as people who invest money on precisely the exact same power level? If not, how much more time do you need to spend to reach there? And if so, how much less powerful are the wallet warriors than you?

Side question: I have never touched reboot and while I have a general comprehension of what it's trying to do, are some of these problems fixed/reduced/worsened/created by reboot as opposed to the servers?

Again, not searching for any debate about if the game is"p2w" or not, or even about the flipside, maybe not looking for somebody stating maplestory is the best game of all time, I would like an unbiased perspective of what exactly paying within this game achieves for you, and also just how well you can do as MINIMAL investment.

Maplestory became pay to win 2009 when the big bang patch was introduced and the system of electricity changed for weapons. I continued to do this when they made better gear and introduced a brand new tier and spent alot of money. As of now I spend hardly anything cause I am established but it took alot of cash to get there. I might have done it for free if I had the opportunity to do so. My time is spent at my career job therefore money was the way I kept up with all the kids who can play with 10 hours every day.

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