2K needs a community supervisor

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2K needs a community supervisor

Notapor Gamerzone » Mié Ene 16, 2019 3:00 am

We have a couple more hairstyles, but no tattoos and we had been restricted to using the hit-and-miss face-scanning technician or utilizing one of those templates that were scanned. While the players looked a little more realistic, in some cases, the options were significantly limited.This is a mode that primarily caters to offline manners like MyGM and MyLeague, so it is not among the sexier options like Park and MyCareer, however there's still a loyal and hardcore fanbase for its franchise modes. Together with better CAP alternatives, that fanbase will stay happy and NBA 2K19 MT might just endear the modes to a new group of fans.

In a bid to distinguish ball-handling abilities between bigs and smaller players, 2K left the former group a little less sure-handed. It is safe to say that was overdone. You can't throw a pass to some big from the lane that requires one to make a difficult catch.Almost without fail, he will be stripped or the chunk is going to be dislodged from a bulge. It is pretty annoying and unrealistic. Perhaps the palms rating can be used. It should affect how well a player holds onto the ball following a bump or poke, and also how well they capture passes--especially difficult ones.

Fans did not use to need to pay to get haircuts and tattoos in MyCareer, but that changed in NBA 2K19. While it doesn't bother me to refrain from purchasing such items, a fantastic proportion of this community was bothered by the cost added to these cosmetic upgrades.Because it didn't cost earlier, it is logical to keep these upgrades free--especially considering just how much a hot-button difficulty in-game currency has become in gaming.

Last but not least, 2K needs a community supervisor. Chris Manning aka LD2K used to guy this position until he left the company earlier this season. He also Ronnie Singh aka Ronnie 2K the digital marketing director were an excellent combination. No other sports match needed a duo of more socially accessible figures to be a symbol of their match.

It seemed fans had an outlet to get their gripes and praise. With LD2K gone, it seems that half the communication is gone nba2king.To help fans communicate with programmers, 2K needs to put someone in a position to be a liaison between the two groups. 2K has ever been a community-driven game. Bringing in someone to help Ronnie 2K would help to fill a void and it might be a step in maintaining that quality.

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